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Surveys & Studies

CRSM offers clients a wide range of customized quantitative and qualitative research techniques and solutions. The Research Unit (RU) of CRSM includes multi disciplinary pool of researcher drawn from relevant fields of social sciences and humanitarian sector.

CRSM RU is involved with national and international organizations and conducted research& studies for prestigious clients. CRSM RU has the capacity of conducting a wide spectrum of studies including formative research, M & E studies, large scale demographic surveys, tracer studies, institutional reform studies, need assessment studies, impact assessment and evaluation studies, socio economic surveys, baseline surveys, community focused studies, customer satisfaction surveys and capacity building of organizations. Our expertise includes the successful completion of microfinance studies in rural areas of Punjab, Pakistan and social studies in adjoining areas of FATA, Pakistan. 

The geographical coverage of CRSM RU is Asia, Africa and Europe.

Our strength lies in our approach to service, accurate reporting and timely provision of desired deliverables.